HTML  -  Hyperlink Markup Language

HTML is a basic markup language which is used for creating webpages, its not a programming language its only a markup language.

HTML markup tags are usually called HTML tags, HTML tags are keywords surrounded by angle brackets like <html>.HTML tags normally come in pairs like <b> and </b>.The first tag in a pair is the start tag, the second tag is the end tag.Start and end tags are also called opening tags and closing tags.


Tags are the basic instructions in HTML to specify the layout of the document, text format, image size and position and hypertext links.

Basic Structure of a HTML file.

All HTML files should contain the following basic tags.

<TITLE>Welcome to Solver</TITLE>
Solver is a web tutorial which helps you all to get a through knowledge in
programming languages and basic web designing tools that are recently

We can include the title that is displayed in title bar included in between <TITLE> - </TITLE> tags 
Include the contents in between <BODY> - </BODY> tags.


Attributes are written inside the opening tag. Its used to change the default behavior of the tag.

eg:- If you want to apply the background color for a webpage the attribute used is bgcolor.

<BODY bgcolor=”Blue”></BODY>

Attributes contain a value here the value is blue.
Its better always enclose the values with in double quotes.

Text Formatting Tags

Heading tags display the heading in dark  and enlarged. We can make use of this heading tags in paragraph headings such as titles subtitles etc.

There are six different sizes available:-
<H1>Welcome to solver</H1>
<H2>Welcome to solver</H2>
<H3>Welcome to solver</H3>
<H4>Welcome to solver</H4>
<H5>Welcome to solver</H5>
<H6>Welcome to solver</H6>

If you want to display the heading in center then you can use the following attribute

Attribute:        align
Values :           left, right center

eg:- <H1 align=”center”>Welcome to Solver</H1>


If you want to draw a line in a page you can make use of ruler tag. also give colors to the lines


Attributes:       Color
Values:            red,green,blue etc

eg:-      <HR color=”red”>

Bold, Italics, Underline
Bold                -           <b>
Italics              -           <i>
Underline        -           <u>

eg:-      <b>Welcome to Solver<b>
result:-                                                             Welcome to Solver
            <i>Welcome to Solver<i>
                                                                        Welcome to Solver
<ui>Welcome to Solver<u>
                                                                        Welcome to Solver


This tag is very usefull tag that used for  applay style, color and size of a text.

<FONT color=”red” face= “Monotype Corsiva” size=3> Solution for technical problems</FONT>

Attributes        :           Color,face,size
Color Values   :           blue,green,red yellow
Face Values     :           Arial, Times New Roman, comic sans ms etc